Why Kajabi is the best Online Coaching Platform

If you’re ready to bring your expertise to the world with a coaching program or online course, then you need a coaching platform that supports every aspect of your online business: your professional website, client management system, email marketing, and sales funnels.  

The right coaching platform will make running your business easier by providing tools that not only let you streamline your entire business but also allows you to scale your business.

What to look for in an online coaching platform?

Your coaching platform should give you the ability to plan, build, and sell your offers. 

Plan: The first step to building your online coaching business is to plan out your coaching program, online courses, memberships, affiliate programs… Think about how you want to connect with your audience: do you want the ability to go live, to host multiple course structures, to create communities? The right coaching platform will give you the ability to plan out your...

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How to Design a Coaching Website Homepage

Your website homepage is often the first impression you make with potential clients - so it needs to be optimized to retain interest. 

Consumers (including your website visitors) want to easily find the information they need and that’s why your homepage is important. You have just a few seconds to grab their attention and tell them who you are and what you do. If they don’t see that information immediately, then they will go right back to Google and keep searching. 

Optimizing your website homepage doesn’t have to be difficult - you just need to know what to include AND what not to include. 

What should your homepage include?

There are several key pieces of information that your visitors need to see in order to start building interest and trust. Your homepage design layout is up to you - just make sure it’s designed to encourage visitors to keep scrolling. 

Clear and simple headline.

Also known as the hero, your homepage headline is the...

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How to use the Canva Pro Brand Kit

branding tips canva tips Jun 27, 2022

The Canva Pro Brand Kit organizes your logo variations, color palette, and fonts. Once you set up your brand kit, Canva will conveniently store your brand elements. Your brand kit can be applied to templates with a single click, or you can easily access your brand elements when DIYing your designs. 

Why you need a brand kit

Your brand kit is so much more than an organization tool - it’s a visual guide that represents your brand identity. It helps you create consistent content that your audience will recognize immediately. Your brand kit should guide and inspire all of your content - your website, social media, blogs, landing pages, business card, email banner, and so much more. 

Canva Pro makes it easy to create on-brand content with the Brand Kit. You can try it out for free for 30 days by using our affiliate link (the standard Canva trial is only 14 days). Once you try this Canva feature, you’ll understand why Pro users rave about it. 

Choosing your...

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How To Customize a Website Template

Your professional website should be your hardest working employee - it should consistently push your visitors through your sales funnel and function as a system that allows you to spend your time how you want (without worrying about work!). 

Your website is often the first impression you make with potential clients so it needs to be memorable, carefully planned, and strategically designed. This takes time and specific skills and that’s why a lot of entrepreneurs turn to alternatives rather than DIY their website. 

Website templates are a popular option for online coaches and course creators. They’re easier than building a website from scratch and less expensive than a custom built website. If you want to quickly and affordably launch a professional website, then website templates are an ideal solution.

What is a website template?

A website template is a pre-made website design that you can easily add your content and brand elements to. You can change the...

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9 Details Your Client Welcome Packet Needs

A client welcome packet is exactly what you need to start off on the right foot with new clients. It puts a system in place that saves you and your clients a lot of time. Your welcome packet should show your clients an overview of your processes, manage expectations, and establish boundaries. It should also create excitement for your clients and reassure them they made the right decision. 

You can structure your client welcome packet whatever way works best for your coaching program or online course, but there are several things it must include. These 9 onboarding details will give your clients all the information they need to successfully work with you. 

Welcome Note

It’s always good to start with a quick note to welcome your new clients. It’s your opportunity to reintroduce yourself and your business. At this point your client should already know who you are and what you do, so this is where you can build on that. You can use the welcome note to get your...

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Copywriting Exercises for Beginners

Regardless of your niche, there is one skill that ALL online entrepreneurs must have - copywriting. Writing good copy is how you connect with your target audience and convince them to choose your brand over your competitors. So, learning how to write good copy is necessary for the success of your business.

Yes, it’s true that copywriting is a skill that requires practice and study. You have to keep up with trends, best practices, and the psychological aspect, and you have to actually put all that studying into practice! But it’s also true that your content won’t reach the right audience UNLESS your copy is targeted, clear, and persuasive. 

This is something we learned very early with our business. You can have a really great offer, but if the message doesn’t hit all the right points, then you won’t be able to connect with your audience. So we put A LOT of effort into polishing up our copywriting skills, understanding the psychology, and looking at...

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Canva: Designed for Your Success!

branding tips canva tips Mar 07, 2022

Canva is a powerful design platform where you can create custom digital illustrations to promote your brand. It’s a favorite among online entrepreneurs and creatives because of it’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. Unlike other design platforms, Canva doesn’t require expert-level design skills - the platform actually provides hundreds of templates to help users without backgrounds in design create professional-quality content.

We love Canva because it’s designed to help you succeed. From it’s built-in brand kit to the video editing capabilities, Canva has powerful tools designed to help you create all the content you need to promote your online business.   

Canva for Online Entrepreneurs

Canva is a dynamic platform that can boost your online strategy and help you build a successful online business. There are so many ways you can use Canva to grow your business successfully. 

Social Media Content: Social media marketing is one of the...

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Must-Have Resources for Course Creators

Finding the right resources for your online business will save you so much time in the long run! The *right* resources will help you automate certain aspects of your business so you can spend more time on the things that actually move the dial.

If you’re a busy course creator, then these are the must-have resources you need to plan, create, and launch your next course, webinar, or masterclass! 

Hosting Platform

The most important tool you need is a platform to house your courses! Course creators need a space to share their tutorials, webinars, masterclasses, and events. The good news is that there are A LOT of options (Thinkific, Podia, Skillshare, Teachable…), so make sure you do your homework and test out what will work for your business long-term. 

Kajabi is our favorite hosting platform and it’s truly a wonderful platform for all course creators! It has all the built in tools you need to plan, promote, and launch your courses: 

  • Landing pages...
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Marketing vs. Branding

So let’s talk about a big one: marketing vs branding.

You’ve probably been hit with a lot of buzzwords like ROI, synergy, retargeting… and so many others that by now you’ve created your own little biz-lingo dictionary. And it’s also likely that marketing and branding are the two words you see and hear most often. 

Marketing and branding often get lumped together, but they are very different. 

  • Marketing is the actions and strategies you implement to bring your audience to your offers. 
  • Branding is everything that makes your business unique and special - your purpose, vision, values, and goals.

Think of it like this: marketing is how you attract your audience and branding is how you convert them into loyal clients. 

Which comes first?

Some entrepreneurs believe that the first step to building a successful business is to immediately start marketing their offers… but, without a solid branding strategy, it’s very difficult...

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How to Create a Brand Kit

branding tips Jan 31, 2022
Putting together a comprehensive brand kit is one of the best decisions you will make for your business. You can get a done-for-you brand kit or you can build one from scratch - either way, your brand kit is going to save you so much time and help you build a recognizable brand. 
A brand kit organizes all of your brand elements: logos, brand marks, color palette, typography, and brand imagery. A comprehensive, or all-inclusive, brand kit includes all of those core visual elements as well as templates to help you quickly create content for any platform - social media templates, email templates, website templates, lead magnets, and workbooks to name a few. 
Your brand kit should also include brand guidelines for how and when to use your visual elements. For example, you may have a main logo and several brand marks - your brand kit should include guidelines for when and how to use each iteration of your logo. Your brand guidelines are...
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