About Us

Our Story

This is a journey we started a long time ago when we were little girls with big dreams. We always talked about how amazing it would be to start a business together. We could bring our unique talents together and build an impactful business out of love and passion! 

Of course our dreams morphed as we grew and we cheered each other on as we reached our individual goals. We came back to this idea of building our own business when we both hit a wall in our careers and lives. We were in that rut that so many women fall into - where you want a fulfilling life AND career but can’t seem to find a balance. We knew it was time to finally build our dream from the ground up!

We are so inspired by all the women who are using their gifts and passions to build their dreams as well. We created The Empowering Collective to give you the power to finally take the leap and start building your own opportunities.

Our Values

Client Centered

We value our customers and strive to put them at the center of all that we do. Our goal is to help empower women to start their online businesses with confidence.


We hold ourselves to strong ethical standards and moral principles. We are dedicated to running our business with transparency and honesty.


Our goal is empower women to pursue their passions and create financial freedom. We believe that when women empower each other incredible things can happen.

Meet The Team

Hi! I’m Joanna and I’m the creative one. I love creating new designs and learning new tech tools. My background is in mental health. I worked as a licensed therapist before making a career change to web design. My passion has always been helping others reach their goals. As a therapist I was fortunate enough to be able to hold space for people as they healed and reached their goals. Now as a creative business owner I am able to help other women reach their goals in business and create a better work/life balance. As a mother I fully understand the importance of a healthy work/life balance which is why I made my career change to begin with. I feel blessed to be on this business journey with my best friend/sister and I’m so excited to help other women reach their business goals!

Hi! I’m Jordan and I’m the analytical one. My background is in finance and anthropology. My professional life has been a beautiful melting pot of everything from corporate America to small town businesses. I’ve learned a lot along the way but I think the single most important lesson I’ve learned is to ALWAYS show up for the people you love. So I left my high-stress career and started building The Empowering Collective with my best friend/sister. Taking back control over my work-life balance was scary and exhilarating and oh so worth it! I absolutely love what I do and I find so much joy in helping other women build their dreams.


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