Why Kajabi is the best Online Coaching Platform

If you’re ready to bring your expertise to the world with a coaching program or online course, then you need a coaching platform that supports every aspect of your online business: your professional website, client management system, email marketing, and sales funnels.  

The right coaching platform will make running your business easier by providing tools that not only let you streamline your entire business but also allows you to scale your business.

What to look for in an online coaching platform?

Your coaching platform should give you the ability to plan, build, and sell your offers. 

Plan: The first step to building your online coaching business is to plan out your coaching program, online courses, memberships, affiliate programs… Think about how you want to connect with your audience: do you want the ability to go live, to host multiple course structures, to create communities? The right coaching platform will give you the ability to plan out your...

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How to Design a Coaching Website Homepage

Your website homepage is often the first impression you make with potential clients - so it needs to be optimized to retain interest. 

Consumers (including your website visitors) want to easily find the information they need and that’s why your homepage is important. You have just a few seconds to grab their attention and tell them who you are and what you do. If they don’t see that information immediately, then they will go right back to Google and keep searching. 

Optimizing your website homepage doesn’t have to be difficult - you just need to know what to include AND what not to include. 

What should your homepage include?

There are several key pieces of information that your visitors need to see in order to start building interest and trust. Your homepage design layout is up to you - just make sure it’s designed to encourage visitors to keep scrolling. 

Clear and simple headline.

Also known as the hero, your homepage headline is the...

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How To Customize a Website Template

Your professional website should be your hardest working employee - it should consistently push your visitors through your sales funnel and function as a system that allows you to spend your time how you want (without worrying about work!). 

Your website is often the first impression you make with potential clients so it needs to be memorable, carefully planned, and strategically designed. This takes time and specific skills and that’s why a lot of entrepreneurs turn to alternatives rather than DIY their website. 

Website templates are a popular option for online coaches and course creators. They’re easier than building a website from scratch and less expensive than a custom built website. If you want to quickly and affordably launch a professional website, then website templates are an ideal solution.

What is a website template?

A website template is a pre-made website design that you can easily add your content and brand elements to. You can change the...

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Does your business need a website?

‘Does my business need a website?’ is a common question among online entrepreneurs. With social media as a viable alternative, it can be a tough call for some. The truth is there is no one-size fits all answer to this question, but there are several things you should know before you decide. 

This is something we’ve planned to write about for a while now and with the latest shake up in the entrepreneurial world, we decided it’s time to finally address the pros and cons of building a professional website. 

The Chaos of Borrowed Platforms

If you haven’t heard by now, you’ll likely soon be reading all about the latest big breakup between Pinterest and Etsy. What’s interesting about this latest shake up in the entrepreneurial world is the fact that there was NO WARNING! You can no longer claim your Etsy shop on Pinterest and there was no press release, update, or heads-up for the online entrepreneurs who rely on the Etsy-Pinterest...

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How to Create a High-Converting Sales Page

Sales pages are uniquely designed to convert clicks into clients! With strategic copywriting and calls to action, your sales page can be the number one driver for signing up new clients.

So, how do you create a high-converting sales page that will do the heavy lifting for you? We’ll get to that, but first let's talk about the purpose of your sales page. 

Unlike your website, where each page has a different purpose and call to action, your sales page has one purpose… CONVERSION. No distractions like freebies, email subscriptions, or webinar signups - the only purpose is to convert. 

Your sales page should effortlessly move your audience through your sales funnel. Think of it as your hardest working employee - constantly promoting your amazing offers and converting clicks into clients. 

Now, let’s create a high-converting sales page! 

Your sales page is a place where your potential clients decide whether or not to work with you, so you should...

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What is a Website Template?

When you’re busy launching a new online business you don’t have a lot of spare time to design and build a website from scratch. That’s why so many online entrepreneurs turn to website templates to build a website for their services, courses, blog, biz info, and more. Website templates give you the ability to customize a strategic website in a shorter amount of time and with no coding required. 

What are website templates?

Website templates are pre-designed layouts that can be easily arranged and customized into a simple yet effective website. They give you the ability to customize the brand elements (colors, fonts, imagery, copy…) but skip the coding and design work. Website templates are typically drag and drop so you can easily build a professional website that is optimized for conversion. 

How do website templates work?

The user-interface varies from platform to platform, but the basic functionality of website templates is universal. The design...

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Website vs. Landing Page

Are you thinking about finally launching that online business you dream about?

Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for you! 

Now that you’re ready to take that leap, one of the first decisions you need to make is if you need a website, landing page, or both. Either can help you achieve a professional online presence that converts, but first you have to determine what will work best for your business. 

Websites and landing pages are very different functionally and we’ll get to that, but first let’s go over the basics.

What is a website?

A website is a multi-page platform where you can house information about your business, share resources, post blogs, connect with your audience, and more. The purpose of a website is to showcase all the aspects of your business. 

Each page or section of your website will have a different purpose. For example, you might have an About You page that tells your audience who you are and you might also have a ...

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Why Templates are Useful for Busy Entrepreneurs

By now, you’ve probably started feeling the pressure to churn out more and more content to promote your offers and build brand awareness. The demand for marketing and branding content is at an all time high: 85% of marketers say the demand for content has increased in the past year, and a staggering 87% of consumers want personalized content. With such a high demand for personalized content, more and more marketers and creatives are relying on templates to produce more content. 
Templates allow you to create relevant marketing and branding content quickly. And with 52% of consumers saying they would switch brands for a more personalized experience, it’s up to marketers and creatives to produce content that speaks directly to their target audience. Creating consistent content from scratch is way too time-consuming, and one of the biggest reasons for the high demand for professionally designed templates. 
Who uses templates?
Marketers and...
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