Why Templates are Useful for Busy Entrepreneurs

By now, you’ve probably started feeling the pressure to churn out more and more content to promote your offers and build brand awareness. The demand for marketing and branding content is at an all time high: 85% of marketers say the demand for content has increased in the past year, and a staggering 87% of consumers want personalized content. With such a high demand for personalized content, more and more marketers and creatives are relying on templates to produce more content. 
Templates allow you to create relevant marketing and branding content quickly. And with 52% of consumers saying they would switch brands for a more personalized experience, it’s up to marketers and creatives to produce content that speaks directly to their target audience. Creating consistent content from scratch is way too time-consuming, and one of the biggest reasons for the high demand for professionally designed templates. 
Who uses templates?
Marketers and creatives use professionally designed marketing and branding templates to promote their offers and brand - 82% of companies report using templates to streamline their strategies. Templates are easily customized to amplify your brand, goals, and values and they save you a TON of time. Templates can be used to promote your brand on all the platforms you use to market your business. 
Marketers and creatives in any industry can benefit from using templates in their design process, but the big impact we see is with our fellow small business owners! When you’re running EVERY department of your business, it’s so important to find ways to save time. Templates give you the ability to quickly create content so that you can get back to tasks that move the dial. 
What are the benefits? 
Templates simplify the entire creative process, so there are many notable benefits that come with implementing templates as a design tool for your business.
  • Boost efficiency: Templates let you avoid the repetitive tasks involved in creating content from scratch. The design time you save can be allocated towards other tasks that move the dial for your business. 
  • Build consistency: Templates are designed to help you boost your brand strategy and create a recognizable brand. They are easily customized to amplify the brand identity that makes your business stand out. 
  • Cost effective: Compared to other solutions like hiring a personal designer or taking design courses, templates are the most cost effective. Templates can be easily customized to quickly create content for any online platform. 
Are templates for everyone?
We believe templates are the perfect design tool for any business owner who lacks the time or design skills needed to create consistent marketing and branding content. Every part of your marketing and branding strategies, from your website to your social media posts, can be streamlined and customized using templates. 
If you ever find yourself putting content creation on the back burner, then templates are the perfect solution. We all know how important it is to build brand awareness and promote our offers, and we also know how much time DIYing that process can take. That’s why we started The Empowering Collective - to provide the resources and guidance entrepreneurs need to build their dream business. 
If you’re interested in templates that can help you create content that converts, then check out our shop to find all the design tools and digital product kits you need to launch, promote, and sell your offers!

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