How to use the Canva Pro Brand Kit

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The Canva Pro Brand Kit organizes your logo variations, color palette, and fonts. Once you set up your brand kit, Canva will conveniently store your brand elements. Your brand kit can be applied to templates with a single click, or you can easily access your brand elements when DIYing your designs. 

Why you need a brand kit

Your brand kit is so much more than an organization tool - it’s a visual guide that represents your brand identity. It helps you create consistent content that your audience will recognize immediately. Your brand kit should guide and inspire all of your content - your website, social media, blogs, landing pages, business card, email banner, and so much more. 

Canva Pro makes it easy to create on-brand content with the Brand Kit. You can try it out for free for 30 days by using our affiliate link (the standard Canva trial is only 14 days). Once you try this Canva feature, you’ll understand why Pro users rave about it. 

Choosing your brand elements

If you need help choosing brand elements like your color palette or font pairings, then check out these Canva tools. You can also use logo templates to help you design a brand logo (just make sure you get creative and make it your own!) 


How to build your brand kit in Canva

Step 1) Add a new brand kit. Choose a name for your brand kit and click ‘create’. Canva will take you to the brand kit design screen where you can add your logo, choose your color palette and fonts, and build a template bundle. Follow these steps to create your brand kit (plus bonus tips for choosing your brand elements!). 

Step 2) Add your logo variations. Upload your logo variations and submarks from your computer. You’ll need multiple variations of your logo for all the platforms you use - different sizes and colors (Canva Pro users also get the magic resize tool which makes designing your logo so much easier!). Just click the plus and follow the prompts to upload your logo designs.

Logo design tips:

  • Your logo should be easy to read, memorable, and reflect the nature of your business.
  • Use templates to inspire your logo design - just remember to make it your own!
  • Be literal with your logo and tell your audience exactly who you are.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a pop of color - make your logo stand out!
  • Hire a graphic designer to create a unique logo for your small business. 

Step 3) Choose your color palette. In the color section, click the plus button to open the color picker tool. If you already know what colors you want to use, just type in the hex code. Or, you can drag the cursor around to find colors that you like. You can add multiple colors - we recommend picking 4-5 colors for your brand. 

Color palette design tips:

  • Use the Canva color tools to help you curate a cohesive color scheme.
  • Choose colors that you would want to wear to a brand photoshoot!
  • Use your color palette as an opportunity to show your audience who you are.
  • Get to know the color wheel - you’ll be really glad you did!
  • Purchase a professionally crafted color palette from a trusted brand designer.

Step 4) Choose your fonts. You can add a heading, subheading, and body font to your brand kit by just clicking on the box and choosing a font. You can also upload custom fonts or fonts from another platform that you have the rights to use. Choose two fonts that are easy to read and one accent font - remember to pick fonts that your audience can actually read. 

Font design tips: 

  • Research typography and get to know the psychology of fonts.
  • Pick a heading, subheading/body, and accent font - script fonts should only be used as accent fonts!
  • Ask a friend to look at a few of your designs and give you honest feedback. 
  • Get inspiration by scrolling social media - you’ll notice that certain fonts stand out to you!
  • Be true to your brand message and pick fonts that emphasize what you're trying to say.

Step 5) Create your brand templates. Once you’ve added all of your brand elements, Canva will help you create branded templates with just a few clicks! You can use your brand kit to create social media post templates, business cards, email templates, ads, and so much more. The templates are pretty basic and you will need to purchase or design better templates eventually, but they’re great for getting started!

Template design tips:

  • Create a bundle of templates for all the platforms you use so you can easily create content.
  • Organize your Canva templates in folders - it saves so much time!
  • Save your Canva designs as templates to easily add more designs to your bundle.
  • Use the resize tool to repurpose templates - make sure you adjust the elements!
  • Purchase professionally designed template bundles.


The Brand Kit is undoubtedly the best Canva Pro feature. If you haven’t upgraded yet, then it might be what finally convinces you. The Canva Pro Brand Kit organizes your visual brand elements so you can easily create consistent content for any platform. It’s a convenient toolkit that stores your logo variations, color palette, and font pairings. 

If you’re not interested in upgrading to Canva Pro, then we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can create a free brand kit using a free Canva account. 

Get access to our free Canva brand board template! It’s designed to organize your brand elements so you can create consistent content with a cohesive look across platforms. Just add your logo, colors, fonts, and photo inspiration. You can print a copy to keep at your workspace for inspiration!


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