How to Create a Brand Kit

branding tips Jan 31, 2022
Putting together a comprehensive brand kit is one of the best decisions you will make for your business. You can get a done-for-you brand kit or you can build one from scratch - either way, your brand kit is going to save you so much time and help you build a recognizable brand. 
A brand kit organizes all of your brand elements: logos, brand marks, color palette, typography, and brand imagery. A comprehensive, or all-inclusive, brand kit includes all of those core visual elements as well as templates to help you quickly create content for any platform - social media templates, email templates, website templates, lead magnets, and workbooks to name a few. 
Your brand kit should also include brand guidelines for how and when to use your visual elements. For example, you may have a main logo and several brand marks - your brand kit should include guidelines for when and how to use each iteration of your logo. Your brand guidelines are just as important as your visual elements because they are what help you pull together a cohesive look across platforms and build brand recognition. 
How to create your brand kit:
There are so many great resources to help you create a brand kit. If you’re launching a new brand, you can start with a brand board to organize your visual elements (here’s a link to our FREE Brand Board Canva Template). If you’re ready for an all-inclusive brand kit, you can use a professionally designed brand kit or build one from scratch in Canva. Either way, you will need to invest resources into creating your brand kit... but the alternative is constantly struggling to create consistent content - so let’s start building your brand kit! 
Start with the core elements: logos, colors, typography, and imagery.
  • Logos - your logo is often the first glimpse into your brand. It should leave a positive impression and convey your brand’s personality. You can also use your main logo to create smaller iterations so you have a brand mark option for any platform you use. Include guidelines for when and how to use your logo and brand marks to create consistency. 
  • Colors - the best advice we can give you for your color palette is to choose colors that *YOU* really love! It makes it so much easier to create content, do brand photo shoots, and promote your brand. Choose 4-5 colors that make you smile and inspire you! 
  • Typography - you need a font combination that is marketable and unique. A combination that shows your brand’s personality with a heading font, paragraph font, and maybe an accent font. Your fonts should stand out so your audience immediately recognizes your content. 
  • Imagery - you can do a brand photo shoot to create personalized content, or you can build a brand that doesn’t put you personally on display by using stock photography. There is certainly a trend towards sharing more personalized content but every business is different and you should stick to what works for you! Using stock photography is a great way to help you pick your color palette and Canva’s Color Palette Generator makes it even easier (check it out here!)
Now that you have your core visual elements, you can start creating branding and marketing content. A good strategy is to have several branded templates that are versatile so you can create consistent content across platforms. We highly recommend social media templates, email templates, a lead magnet, and a workbook for starters. Using templates makes it super easy to churn out content and stay engaged with your audience. 
How to organize your brand kit?
There are several resources that can help you organize your professional brand so that you can create consistent content for your online business.
  • Professionally designed brand kits are great because they are completely done-for-you and easily customizable so you can launch your brand in no time! We offer complete brand kits that organize your visual elements and include templates designed for multiple platforms. 
  • Great news for Canva Pro users! Canva has a really good brand kit built-in to organize your brand elements. It’s a really great tool for quickly creating on-brand content for your website, social media, or any platform you use. Try Canva Pro free for 30 days when you sign up using our affiliate link!
  • Build it from scratch! If you go this route, we highly recommend using a free Canva account to create and organize your elements. Canva is user-friendly and has an intuitive design great for designers at every level.
All of these options are perfect for launching a new brand or giving your brand a little makeover. Just be aware that the final option does take time - not only for the actual design process but also for finding inspiration. The inspiration is often what holds back small business owners from immediately launching a brand strategy. Just remember that no matter what option you choose, you’ve got this! 
Take this starter guide and build a brand that amplifies your values, goals, and personality! 
Here are some examples of The Empowering Collective brand boards, mini brand kits, and complete brand kits! All of our branding templates are professionally designed in Canva and are fully customizable with a free Canva account.
You can visit the shop to find these brand kits and more!
Brand Board Templates
A brand board is a great place to start if you're launching a new brand or updating your current brand. It includes all the core visual elements you need to build a recognizable brand: logo, brand marks, a unique color palette, typography, and brand imagery. Here’s an example of our Color Pop Brand Board Template. 
Mini Brand Kits
Mini brand kits are perfect for organizing your core visual elements and building a consistent online presence. The mini brand kits include a complete brand board to organize your core visual elements as well as: email templates, highlight covers for Instagram, social media icons, and a custom business card. Here’s an example of our Feminine Mini Brand Kit.
Complete Brand Kits
The complete brand kits are an all-inclusive bundle so you can launch your brand and create consistent content for all the platforms you use. The complete brand kits include a brand board template with all your core visual elements as well as: Instagram post templates, Pinterest templates, email templates, Instagram highlight covers, social media icons, and a business card template. You will also get a complete Ebook template perfect for creating client experience content. Here’s an example of our Minimalist Complete Brand Kit. 

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