Must-Have Resources for Course Creators

Finding the right resources for your online business will save you so much time in the long run! The *right* resources will help you automate certain aspects of your business so you can spend more time on the things that actually move the dial.

If you’re a busy course creator, then these are the must-have resources you need to plan, create, and launch your next course, webinar, or masterclass! 

Hosting Platform

The most important tool you need is a platform to house your courses! Course creators need a space to share their tutorials, webinars, masterclasses, and events. The good news is that there are A LOT of options (Thinkific, Podia, Skillshare, Teachable…), so make sure you do your homework and test out what will work for your business long-term. 

Kajabi is our favorite hosting platform and it’s truly a wonderful platform for all course creators! It has all the built in tools you need to plan, promote, and launch your courses: 

  • Landing pages for lead generation
  • Email broadcast for email marketing (fully automated)
  • Pipelines to build your sales funnel
  • Events to schedule webinars, virtual summits, and live events
  • Assessments to keep your audience engaged
  • A website builder that’s user friendly
  • Online support with live chat (excellent customer service!)

We couldn’t say enough good things about Kajabi, but the important thing is that you find a platform that works for your business. One that will grow AND scale with you - it saves so much time in the long run!

Design Platform

Every online business owner needs a design platform where they can create marketing and branding content. The online business world is CROWDED, and you need a design platform that allows you to create visually captivating content that stands out. 

Canva is our go to! And if you somehow haven’t heard about Canva… it’s an intuitive design platform that helps creatives and entrepreneurs easily create content. You can design and schedule your social media posts, edit and create video content, create client-experience content, and so much more! 

Canva has a FREE version that’s perfect for small business owners who need consistent marketing and branding content. And the best part is, Canva is designed to help you succeed with all the design tools you need to let your creative side shine built-in! 

Email Marketing Platform

Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach your target audience and generate quality leads. Anyone who signs up for your email list is already in your warm audience - meaning they’ve already found value and they are looking for more. So it’s never too early to start building your list - all you need to get started is a valuable opt-in and an email marketing platform. 

If you’re on an all-in-one hosting platform, like Kajabi, then you’re golden! Kajabi has email automation already built in so you don’t have to jump around to different platforms. 

If you’re in need of an email marketing tool, then we highly recommend Flodesk or Mailchimp. Both are favorites among online entrepreneurs because they are so easy to set up and automate. If you want to save a ton of time, then go with a platform that’s built for automation!

Video Software

Video content has quickly become the most efficient way to connect with your audience. Consumers are drawn to video content because it’s visually appealing and more easily interpreted. So if you’re planning to implement video in your marketing strategy, then you’ll need software that can edit video and audio. 

There are honestly too many video software options to list! We use several free ones (Vimeo, Loom, and Monosnap) for tutorials and find that all are user friendly. There are more powerful options as well, just be mindful of the learning curve and be prepared to spend some time figuring out all the bells and whistles. 

A quick note about audio hardware: go ahead and invest in a professional quality microphone. There are some really great AND affordable options, and you don’t want poor sound quality to hurt your client-experience!


Templates are one of the best tools to keep in your back pocket! Anytime you need to quickly create branding or marketing materials, templates help you get it done FAST! They’re designed to help you create consistent content without having to learn a new design skill or spend hours searching for inspiration. 

Canva has some really great templates to help you quickly create content, but we highly recommend using professionally designed templates for two reasons. One, they help you stand out online and build a recognizable brand. Two, they are designed to optimize user-experience. 

If you’re just getting started, then you only need 5 core templates:

  • Website or landing page 
  • Lead magnet 
  • Client welcome packet
  • Workbook or Ebook
  • Social media templates 

These 5 templates will help you connect with your target audience, share important information about your courses, and create a cohesive look across platforms. If you’re interested in professionally designed templates, then check out our shop!

There are so many inventive tools and resources available for online course creators - the tricky part is finding the ones that work for you! Having the right tools will help you automate tasks so you don’t have to do all the things. It takes some time up front to find the tools best suited for your business, but it will save you so much time in the long run! 


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