Tips for Creating Video Content in Canva

canva tips Dec 07, 2021
If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, then you know how huge the change was going from sharing photos to videos. It’s shaken our community and forced us all to shift our marketing strategies. But creating videos can be quite tasking and obviously we don’t want to be on camera every day (who does?), so we found a solution using Canva!
Creating reels/stories in Canva is a great way to get new content without having to be front and center every day. Using Canva to design your video content is super simple - especially if you love to repurpose. You can easily recycle some of those old but great posts, blogs, and email campaigns you’ve already created for your online business.  
Now, some of you may still be fighting the video content frenzy - and we get it! But Instagram has made it very clear that videos are here to stay. The brains behind Instagram are constantly making updates to encourage users to post more video content. They’ve recently made a significant change to the way users put out live content. You can now schedule your live posts 90 days in advance using the Live Creation feature. And it seems like there’s always a new update.
If you’re thinking “slow down Instagram, give us time to catch up”, you are not alone. So we wanted to share our tips on how to create video content for your online business. Check out these three savvy ways to get video content for Instagram. All you need is a free Canva account!
You already have so much great content and it’s always a good idea to bring back the oldies/goodies. Take a trip back in time and check out your old posts, blogs, email campaigns… any content that genuinely connected with your audience. Chances are that the “old” content is still relevant and would add value to your social media engagement. Once you’ve dug up your faves, you can repurpose that content using templates in Canva. You can use video templates or animated graphics to create video content in Canva!
Share Your Knowledge
Whatever your expertise may be, using videos on Instagram to impart knowledge is a great way to connect with your audience! Next time you're learning a new skill just turn on your screen recorder and take a shot of what you’re learning/doing. You can upload the video into Canva and use it to make an Instagram story/reel. Just pop the video into a template and add your brand elements! 
Reviews and Shoutouts
Sharing your rave reviews or giving shoutouts to your people is a great way to create video content. And it’s a great way to build connections! Your audience wants to know that you care about them and that you’ve made an impact. So use the video frenzy on Instagram to your advantage and show the world who you are. Take snippets of your reviews or shoutouts and create animated content using templates in Canva.
Use these tips to take some of the stress out of keeping up with video content. Just decide how often you want to post and carve out some time each week or month to create it. Canva makes creating content for your online business easy. And now that video content is a top priority, we will take any advantage we can get! 

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