The Benefits of Kajabi and Why You Should Switch

kajabi tips Oct 28, 2021
Running a business and selling your offers online requires using the right tools. Any entrepreneur can tell you from experience that marketing strategies will only take you so far - you have to have a solid offer and you need the right tools to get it out there. 
Kajabi is a great platform for entrepreneurs and service providers to host and market their offers online. Kajabi has all the resources you need to create and sell online courses, programs, and other digital products. It’s an ideal one-stop-shop for service providers and entrepreneurs who don’t have time for multiple platforms. Kajabi is designed to help you run your online business in one spot with more integrations than any competitor. You can build your website, courses, digital products, and marketing strategies all in one place!
It’s all about functionality!
Of course with any online platform there are pros and cons and we will go over those, but first let’s talk about functionality. Kajabi is by far the highest-functioning platform we’ve used. It’s easy to convince yourself to try out the ‘freebies’ before diving into paid platforms, but trust us, it takes twice as long. And time is so valuable when you’re running an online business! You have to spend it wisely and that means no more justifying an extra few hours each day/week because your tools aren’t functioning properly. 
Obviously if you’ve already found tools that work for you, then that is amazing and you should stick with it! Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and fix what isn’t broken. But if you find yourself spending way too much time hopping around from platform to platform, then it’s probably time to look at other options. Using those free platforms may seem like it’s helping because it saves money, but the reality is that it’s holding you back and stealing your valuable time. Setting up automation where possible is one of the best ways to invest in your business. It’s a small expenditure upfront but will pay off in the long run. 
Why do we love Kajabi?
There are honestly so many reasons to love Kajabi and we want to share a few of our favorite features with you. 
  • Email marketing - create email campaigns with automations that help you stay connected with your clients 
  • Sales funnel - build marketing funnels that drive customers to purchase
  • Customizations - show up exactly how you want with customizable features that help you stand out online
  • Custom domain - pull all of your offers together under one domain for a professional user-experience
  • Monthly subscriptions - build memberships to conveniently house all your offers
So what’s the catch? Honestly… the price tag can be shocking and there is no free option. Kajabi offers three different plans: Basic, Growth, and Pro. And there is a 30-day free trial that we highly recommend trying before jumping right in. 
We believe the pros far outweigh the cons and overall we think Kajabi is a powerful tool that we couldn’t run our business without. Hopefully you’ll find Kajabi to be just as helpful for your business, but the most important takeaway is to find what WORKS for you. Your website should be your hardest working employee, and Kajabi is a great platform for building, hosting, and sharing your amazing offers!
*We are an affiliate of Kajabi and as a result we may receive a small commission if you sign up using our link. This is at no cost to you. And we would recommend Kajabi regardless because we personally use it ourselves. 

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