How to use Canva to Grow Your Business

canva tips Sep 01, 2021
Let’s talk about Canva
By now you’ve probably at least heard about Canva, but you may still be wondering if it’s a good tool to add to your box. The answer is YES! If you want to engage with your audience and build a recognizable brand, Canva is your new best friend. 
What is Canva?
Canva is a platform where you can create all the content you need to run your business. It’s a free graphic design application where you can build social media graphics, posters, presentations, documents, and other visual content. It’s super easy to use and let’s your creative side shine. 
Canva offers a free (yes FREE!) version that should make every business owner jump for joy. It’s truly a great tool to have in your back pocket. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design makes creating content for your business super simple. Canva also offers a Pro version that unlocks perks and makes creating content even more exciting. 
How can Canva help you?
Canva can help you create content that will draw in your audience and convert them into clients. It will help you build a brand system that pulls your entire business together visually and makes creating content for your business easy. Whether you’re looking to design a logo, social media ads, or lead magnets, Canva can help you build the engagement tools you need to grow your business. 
How do we use Canva?
We use Canva at The Empowering Collective to create unique template designs for service providers and entrepreneurs. Our templates are designed to help you build a recognizable  brand and create captivating content that makes communicating with your people easy. We’ve made it super convenient to get all the tools you need to start growing your business today in one membership.
The Template Connection membership houses all of our designs so you can easily build your brand and effectively communicate with your audience. Membership includes access to a variety of custom templates for branding, social media outreach, marketing, and much more. If you’re interested in finding a way to stop the scroll and grow your business, then check out our membership today. 
Please click HERE to find out more about how The Template Connection membership can help you easily build your brand, engage with your audience, and get back to serving your clients.
To create your free Canva account click here: CANVA
We are a Canva affiliate which means we may receive a small commission (at no charge to you) if you use our affiliate link but we would recommend Canva regardless.

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