Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2021
Time is your most valuable resource and we love to help you save it! That’s why Canva is our favorite graphic design platform. It’s designed to save you time when creating content for your online business. There are tons of keyboard shortcuts built into Canva that will speed up your workflow and make content creation a breeze. 
We’ve put together a list of all the keyboard shortcuts that are built into Canva. The commands are very easy to remember over time, but it may be helpful to keep a list at your workspace. There are small variations for Mac vs. Window users, but the geniuses behind Canva have you covered either way. 
If you’re already using Canva, then you’re probably familiar with some of these. But for our novices, we’ve put together a free PDF full of Canva keyboard shortcuts. To access the free PDF go to our resource page and download the PDF or click here to be redirected to our resource page. We hope these shortcuts save you time as you create and edit your designs in Canva!

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