6 Canva Features You Should Know About

canva tips Apr 12, 2022

Canva is a favorite among creatives and business owners because it makes designing all the content you need to run your online business super simple. But, did you know there are built-in Canva features you can use to make designing even easier? 

These are the 6 Canva features you need to know about! Each of these Canva tools are designed to help you organize your brand, reach your target audience, and create consistent marketing and branding content. If you’re not a Canva fan yet, then these might be the features that officially convert you!

Canva Landing Pages

A free Canva account allows you to design, launch, and host one-page websites! It’s an amazing Canva feature for online entrepreneurs who aren’t quite ready for a full-fledged website. Just pick a template (or purchase a done-for-you template), add your brand elements, update the copy, and publish your website. 

Once you’ve designed your gorgeous landing page, just hit the ‘Publish as Website’ button in the top right corner and Canva will walk you through the rest. You can publish your website using a free Canva domain, purchase a new domain, or use your custom domain. 

Canva Brand Kit

The Canva Brand Kit is a Pro feature and it is totally worth the upgrade! It organizes your brand elements to streamline your design workflow. The Canva Brand Kit lets you add all of your brand assets - logos, colors, fonts, and pre-designed templates - in one convenient place. It’s the perfect tool for creating consistent, branded content that your audience will know, like, and trust. You can also manage multiple brands using the Canva Brand Kit (super helpful for virtual assistants, social media managers, and brand creatives!). 

Canva Logo Maker

Don’t have a logo yet? Not a problem! A free Canva account includes access to Canva’s awesome logo maker features. Use a done-for-you logo template or customize your logo in just minutes! With Canva, you can easily create your logo and logo variations so you can stay on-brand across platforms. 

Canva Scheduler

Another really great Canva Pro feature that might make you want to upgrade is the scheduling tool. You can design and schedule your social media content for multiple platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slack, and Tumblr. Canva conveniently includes the dimensions for each social media platform so you can quickly build your content calendar. 

There are two options for scheduling your social media content with Canva, through the editor or through the content calendar. You can schedule posts directly through the Canva editor by clicking the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner and choosing the schedule option. From there, Canva will prompt you to choose the platform, date, and time you want to post. You’ll also be able to add your copy, hashtags, and other relevant information. 

You can also schedule social media posts by going into your content planner and choosing the day you want to post. Just click the plus button in the top right corner of that date, choose a design, and create your post. 

Canva Present

We all know Canva is a great tool for designing presentations, but did you know you can record and share your presentation? The Canva Present feature lets you record yourself while talking over your presentation so you can share tutorials, mini-courses, webinars, and other video content with your audience. 

Just open your presentation, click the ‘Present’ button in the top right corner, and choose ‘Present and Record’. Then Canva will take you to the recording studio where you can choose your camera view, set up your microphone, and record your presentation. 

Canva Color Palette Generator

The Color Palette Generator is a free and simple (yet effective) tool designed to help you discover color palettes for your designs, brand, and creative inspiration. Just upload an image and Canva will generate a color scheme that perfectly matches. It’s so easy to create gorgeous color combos that inspire your creativity! 

If these features are just too good to pass up, then follow this link to start your free trial for a Canva Pro account. We are an affiliate and would love to help you get signed up for our favorite design platform. Happy designing!



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